The best part of this job is seeing your results.  Taking a plot that is in need of care and restoring it, once more, to pristine condition. Showing that the memory of that loved one continues.  

Here is a selection of our handiwork with some descriptions of how we achieved those results.

Rennovation & Deep Clean

Buckinghamshire.  June 2021.

A heavily overgrown double grave

This 70 year old grave had become overgrown and the task too large for the family but they had a desire and a vision.

Ground work and cleaning complete

Our work includes tending the wider area of the grave to cut the grass, trim edges and re-seed grass if necessary.

After removing the vegetation, we cleaned the headstone and the brickwork to make it readable once more.

Full grave rennovation in Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire

The finished result with the new gravel laid. This is just a few days after the headstone and it will improve further still over the next few weeks,

Flowers & A Little TLC

Buckinghamshire.  May 2021.

This is a new location for us but the family have kept it in excellent condition

Through illness, the family were unable to visit their loved one's graves to mark a family anniversary.  The request was simply to lay flowers and a little tidying in this beautiful churchyard.

Light maintenance, cutting the grass and laying flowers

We cut the grass, tidied away any dead vegetation, trimmed the edge grass around headstone foundation stone and brushed the headstone clean to slow the build-up of lichen.

We tended two family graves

Finally, we laid two fresh flower posies made by Signature Flowers to the client's specification and took multiple photographs for the client.

Signature Flowers provided us with these beautiful posies

The flowers posies from Signature Flowers were so beautiful and intractly arranged.  The yellows perfectly sum up the end of spring and the birth of summer.

A Simple Refresh

Eynsham, Oxfordshire.  September 2020.

Unfortunately relatives have  been able to tend this grave for a few years due to mobility problems.  Although the wild flowers look very pretty, the grass was extremely weed infested and mossy.

Grave care in progress in Oxfordshire.  Just waiting for the new grass to take seed.

Stage one complete.  The headstone sensitively washed, the area weeded,  new grass seeded and snowdrop bulbs planted.  The effect of washing the headstone will begin to show over the next few months.

Using a specialist wash as a one off, more of the lichen can be removed and will improve further in the next few months.  The grass will take a few weeks to start sprouting and the snowdrops will not show until 2021!

Just a few weeks later you can really see the effect that the cleaning has had.  The new grass is sprouting and the difference between before and after is amazing. The stone is readable again.


This is a personal project, very close to my heart because of my own links with aviation.  I wanted to see this lonely warrior's grave honoured.  Click here to learn more about Herbert Joseph Lamb.

The grave of Second Lieutenant J Herbert Lamb, RAF in Bicester Cemetery.  

Herbert was only 24 when he died on 9th October 1918, just 33 days before World War 1 ended.  He was from Chandler, Quebec, Canada in 1894.

It is believed that his Bristol F2b aeroplane had an engine failure and Herbert was killed whilst attempting an emergency landing in poor visibility.

In October 1918, RAF Bicester had just opened.  44 Training Depot Station had just moved from Wolvercote aerodrome, Oxford.